What do the Facilitation Programs provide?

Finally, thanks to the notice of the official bulletin of the Puglia Region, large, medium and small businesses can apply through the online procedure “PIA TURISMO” made available at www.sistemapuglia.it to take advantage of financial endowments made available provision for real estate redevelopment projects.

Let’s better define who the beneficiaries are:

• Large-sized companies in the ordinary accounting regime which, on the date of submission of the application, have approved at least two financial statements;

• Medium-sized companies under ordinary accounting which, on the date of submission of the application, have approved at least two financial statements;

• Small businesses under ordinary accounting which, at the start of the request, have approved at least three financial statements from which an average turnover of not less than 1 million euros can be distinguished;

In addition to the subsidies, initiatives such as investment programs for the realization of:

1. Tourist-hotel activities, thanks to the physical and efficient recovery of unfinished structures, started in a legitimate way, destined for tourist-hotel activities;

2. Expansion, modernization and restructuring of tourist-hotel structures in order to raise quality standards and / or classification;

3. Construction of tourist-hotel facilities with a capacity of no less than 7 rooms to be consolidated, restored and / or rehabilitated any buildings of an artistic and historical nature, which at the time of submitting the application, the Declaration of interest was interposed cultural;

4. Consolidation, rehabilitation and restoration of rural buildings, farms, trulli, towers, fortifications in order to transform them into hotel structures with accommodation capacity of no less than 7 rooms;

5. Intervening on systems and structures to improve the quality of the property, such that it can favor tourism seasonal adjustment in the local area.

The costs allowed for those who choose the subsidy program:

The materials and expenses for the rehabilitation and construction must be used for the purposes of the program which is the subject of the request for subsidies. The eligible expenses are:

1. Purchase of company land and its accommodation within the limit of 10% of the investment in tangible assets;

2. Masonry and similar works;

3. New factory machinery, plants and equipment;

4. Purchase of patents, licenses, know-how and non-patented technical knowledge, new technologies of products and production processes, for the part in which they are used for the activity carried out in the production unit affected by the program, up to a maximum amount equal to 40% of the total investment.

In addition, expenses are allowed for:

• The acquisition of consulting services for business innovation and to improve the competitive positioning of local production systems concerning the environment, responsibility and ethics, business internationalization and e-business;

• Participation in trade fairs.