We think on every detail

Our real estate agency constantly takes care of the client’s needs, as well as through other accessorial services that may be used to conclude the property deal.
That is why we offer more than regular real estate buying and selling brokerage, and through our secondary services we want to fully satisfy the needs of the client, facilitating everything regarding owning and taking care of a property.
We follow you step by step, from the purchase up to the turnkey formula, providing for any design, construction and renovation requests, thanks to a team of professional architects and expert construction company.
Thanks to the knowledge acquired over the years, we guarantee the quality and punctuality in our services.

Promoting a property to sell is a fundamental activity for the success of the operation, especially for users who use the web as their first search channel. For this reason, to complete our work, we offer various services aimed at enhancing and promoting properties through photo books, videos, virtual tours and advertising on national and foreign platforms. In this way we are able to enhance all the details of the properties, creating effective and comprehensive advertisements that the interested user can enjoy directly on their device, whether it be a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.
Photographs are a business card, which is why we offer photographic services dedicated to each property.
Thanks to the use of drones, we are able to create videos that also allow us to evaluate aspects of the surrounding context, an extremely important factor for those who choose to buy a property. Finally, the virtual tour allows the user to complete the picture of possible multimedia information, and offers an immersive experience not only inside but also outside the property.

Thanks to the collaboration of specialist architects, we offer as an accessory and exclusive service, the design of the complete house, including the interiors design. The deal we offer is tempting, the unique design service will put you in front of finished and variable solutions according to your tastes and needs. We also take care of interior design, thanks to the home staging skills of our experts, enhancing real estate properties and enriching their figure.
When the work will be completed, the house will be delivered on a turnkey basis, finished, equipped and ready to use.

Carry out by our skilled team of professionals, we use local and non - local premium materials to provide quality build.
After understanding the customer's needs we are giving advice on professional and punctual construction services and carrying you out through the process. We will be the only interlocutor to constantly and accurately update you on the progress of the work, ready to clarify any aspect relating to the building and manufacturing process. The execution times of the work and the quality of the final result are our guarantee. We are fully facilitating all the process in order the client to fulfill its needs.

The building renovation and restoration service is often one of the needs after the purchase of a property. Thanks to the experience gained, the exclusivity of the renovation services allows us to satisfy any client request, no matter if is a great work or small interventions aimed at improving your home. It is the details that make the difference, which is why, if you allow it, we will advise you on the materials, colors and furnishings of the spaces. The Mariano Immobili nel Salento agency always tries to provide you with the best solution.

To complete the picture of our services, we could not miss the offer of premium care of the exteriors and gardens. The privilege of having a service that takes care of the exteriors and the gardens, gives us the possibility to facilitate you, whether it is land, ancient residences or villas, we are able to create your green space respecting your ideas. The Mediterranean scrub dominates our territory and we know how to enhance it by integrating other ornamental and fruit plants.
We always create colorful and tidy spaces that optimize the whole complex.